Welcome to Lebelle Soaps, the last place you’ll ever need to go for all of your artisan shaving soap needs. All of the soaps at Lebelle Soaps are handmade in the U.S.A, using only the finest tallow and other ingredients available. Lebelle Soaps aren’t simply another accessory for shaving; they are the ultimate in luxury. Treat yourself the way you truly deserve with Lebelle Soaps quality artisan soaps. 

We didn’t always have this flashy website here at Lebelle Soaps. In the beginning, I started to make these handmade soaps for myself and a select group of extremely close friends and family. I had no intention of forming this business, nor did I think that when I did start it that it would reach the heights it has. 

After pressure from everyone who received one of my handmade tallow shaving soaps, I finally gave in and started my first batches of Lebelle Soaps for sale. I started out small; I never wanted to reach the point where quality was sacrificed for quantity. 

I started selling at small country markets and fairs and as quickly as I could make Lebelle Soaps, they were selling out. Taking advantage of my experiences from traveling around the world I started to craft my range of handmade tallow shaving soaps and scents and began to look into ways that I could expand. 

What started as a humble business has developed into an internationally known artisan shaving soap company. We still use the same methods developed from the very first scented soap that I ever made. I’m extremely proud of where I have come from and how my family has stepped up to help develop Lebelle Soaps to where it is today. My Mother is often found working side by side with me; she is also a soap artisan, my Father and two older brothers help with promotions and development. 

This is the story of Lebelle Soaps. Shaving is an experience that should be looked forward too, a time of peace and reflection. If you’re looking for the ultimate wet shaving experience, then you can only use the best in shaving soaps. The handmade tallow artisan soaps from Lebelle Soaps will leave you wishing you had been using them your entire life. 

Nick Lebelle

Lebelle Soaps