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TVB Shaving The Simple Man - Omaha, NE

Turn your shaving time into a luxurious experience. Enjoy the classic style tallow based shaving soap with thick, rich lather and amazing fragrances from Lebelle Soaps.

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Classico shaving soap, inspired by the experiences, sights and sounds that I had as a young gentleman visiting the barber with my grandfather and father. This was more than just a haircut or a shave. It was like stepping into another world, where men could be men, bonding and talking. This is the closest effect that I could achieve, merging the timeless atmosphere of the barber’s shop into my hand..
We have all seen those pictures or scenes from movies of the palm tree on the white sandy tropical island surrounded by blue sparkling water. It’s easy to represent a tropical island with a picture but not as easy to combine that into a product. Using the inspiration I gathered from walking along that hot, white sand, burning my toes, waves crashing in, wind blowing in my hair and palm trees swayi..
This handmade artisan soap is an ode to the fig groves of the Mediterranean. Many an evening was spent with cousins running between the rows of large and twisted groves of figs. Often late into the evening with Uncles and Auntie calling out to us to return home for supper before it became too late and too cold. Fig Tree handmade artisan shaving soap combines all of those rich and earthy scent..
They say that moss grows on the north side of objects because it is hidden from the harsh rays of the sun, they would be partially right. If you’re ever lost in the woods, this could be a handy trick to get you out of trouble, and even more lost on an equal amount of occasions! Moss grows wherever moisture is prevalent, but it is an essential part of the forest just like a high-quality soap is par..
Glaciers descend from high snow-capped mountains into the bay to create a spectacular displays of ice. Glacier Bay offers just the right amount of menthol for a cool refreshing shave.Fresh, airy and aquatic. Notes of herbal tea, lemon peel, lavender, jasmine and mint.This handmade soap will give you a rich and thick lather that will make your next shaving experience more than just something you ..
Spike's Garden - Tallow Shaving Soap
CLOSE-OUT SALE!!! Spike’s Garden was created to recognize Chef Spike Gjerde and Amy Gjerde -- proprietors of Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen, Artifact Coffee, and Parts & Labor Butchery and Restaurant. We commend and greatly appreciate their commitment to responsibly sourced local, sustainable foods, and their support of independent, local farmers, growers, and artisans of the Mid-Atlantic regio..
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This handmade shaving soap is definitely a shout out to days long gone. Try to imagine a group of men sitting around a barber’s shop, most just talking. The barber would be holding court, one or two customers being steamed under hot towels, the rest sitting around smoking cigars and talking. In most cases, they would be talking sports or current events, smoke and a lifetime of friendships. Th..
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